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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Nov 2nd roll schedule

Rolls will be Sunday-only this weekend in observance of Halloween parties.  Saturday is the better day to miss for the weekend because Sunday is the first day without Daylight Savings time which robs us of an hour of rolls each morning.  So don’t forget to set your clock back, and then also set it to […]

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Thanks for a successful kickoff

Now that everyone has had time to travel home and get back to reality, we wanted to thank everyone who came and made the Buggy Alumni Association’s kickoff weekend a really big success. It definitely felt more like carnival than homecoming seeing so many buggy folks around campus. We’ve only officially existed for a couple […]

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Freeroll Practice 10/25-26/2008

Oct 25: Rolls canceled due to rain. The Homecoming Events continued. Oct 26: Eleven orgs and quite a few alumni were present at freerolls on Sunday. Rolling Orgs: SAE, AEPi, SigNu, PiKA, SDC, Fringe, PhiKap, SigEp, CIA, Spirit, KDR Number of Buggies: four for SDC and Fringe, three for CIA, SigNu, and PiKA, and two […]

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Freeroll Practice, 10/19/08

Stay updated with cmubuggy RSS Feeds. Don’t miss the Homecoming News post. Also bookmark the Buggy Geeks journal for further updates, stories, and different views on buggy news. Pioneers did not roll today because didn’t pass capes. Driver/chair Vincent Zeng, former CIA chair and driver, tipped over in Keres during a cape attempt and the […]

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Homecoming 08 Events!

The Buggy Alumni Association is holding its first ever events this homecoming and if you know buggy, you’re going to want to be there. People are flying in from around the country to kick things off, there are even buggies coming in from out of town. Here’s the event lineup:

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RSS feeds added

We know, it’s tough. You don’t want to miss anything going on here, but you can’t be checking all parts of the site for new activity every 10 minutes. RSS to the rescue. The way we’ve set it up is that you can subscribe to any of the sections of the site, or to the […]

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Proposed rule changes, take 2

After discussing the rules amendments at the Sweepstakes meeting, the following has developed as v2. It looks like it will be put to vote next week. The big differences are that instead of increasing fines for chores violations, the fines will be transfered to the account of the org that covers the chores. So, as […]

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Two proposed rule changes

Sweepstakes proposed two rule changes at yesterday’s meeting, one of which is pretty interesting. A modification to rule 3.4.1 “Fines” would add this: Any fines imposed due to a failure to complete assigned chores will double on each consecutive day of Freeroll Practice that they are not completed. On any weekend that chores are completed, […]

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Buggy Portraits feature added

I have just added a new album in the gallery called Buggy Portraits. We can now link pictures from this album to the profile of each buggy so that we can put a face with the name in the history section. Currently the album has 46 pictures which means we’re missing pictures for 142 of […]

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First day of freerolls

It was an exciting morning as ten teams turned out for the first day of freeroll practice. The sun was shining, buggies were bagged and lots of new drivers took the wheel to kick off the ’08-’09 season. The Sweepstakes committee did a great job of getting things moving and keeping the momentum through the […]

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