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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Thanks members #50 and #200!

We’re hard at work here at Buggy Alumni Association headquarters getting ready for raceday, and we just wanted to thank everyone for their support so far. Today, we happened to reach two membership milestones on the same day, and that seems post-worthy.   Thanks to Thomas Felmley and Michael Preysman we now have 200 website members and […]

Rolls Report 3/28

I’m guessing a lot of people went to sleep thinking that rolls would be canceled Saturday morning, but Sweepstakes found a way to make it happen.  The light rain didn’t stop until around midnight, but the roads were only a little damp by 7am.  Orgs were required to bag buggies their first time through the […]

Buggy Books of History Countdown : T-3

We resume our coverage of the last 5 record breaking years with 1988. The CD of all the buggy book scans got a big boost this week courtesy of Tom Wood who provided scans of the entire 70s decade. You’re going to want one of these when they’re available on raceday 1988 was not just […]

Op-Ed : Design Comp

The design competition chair, Melissa Lee sent an e-mail to the chairman’s list today listing the buggies that had been entered into design comp.  The extremely short list is: Fringe- New Buggy, Bristol KDR-Polaris SigEp-Barracuda CIA- Firebird SAE- Rubicon, Limo As a fan of the idea of design comp, this bothers me. 

Rolls Report 3/21 and 3/22

First, sorry for the delay in getting these posted. Going out at night and getting up for rolls both days in a weekend is tough to maintain when I can’t just sleep all day in between like I did back in the day. New Buggies Galore With five more buggies coming out for the first […]

Buggy Books of History Countdown : T-4

We resume our coverage of the last 5 record breaking years with 1986.  The CD of all the buggy book scans is coming along nicely, and will be available on raceday. 1986 was a record setting year, but history was made on a number of fronts.  On day 1, ATO had a fire in their […]

Buggy Books of History Countdown : T-5

The buggy alumni association’s coverage of the last 5 men’s course-record-breaking years continues this week with 1983.  Remember, these buggy books are just a sample of the exhaustive collection we are compiling for distribution on a CD available on raceday. The year was 1983, and CIA’s 1981 course record of 2:10.50 was still the time […]

Raceday Events Announced

Hopefully you got an e-mail last night announcing the Buggy Alumni Association’s plans for our first raceday.  If you’d like to be sure to receive future announcements like this, make sure you register on this site. Lead Truck Auction Bid on your chance to ride in the lead truck to view the action from a […]

Next Rolls: March 21,22

It’s spring break, and the kids are in Acapulco so there were no rolls this weekend, and there will be none next weekend. Bad timing too, because it was 55F here at 7am yesterday. Would have been a nice one. We’ll pick up with the pictures, reports and hopefully some timing on March 21.

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