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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Sweepstakes Committee 2010 elected

These kids aren’t just breaking course records like they’re nothing special, they’re also thinking one step ahead about running the show next year.  Traditionally, the first sweepstakes meeting of the year is called by the defending champion some time in September.  After a couple of meetings a committe is elected and they rush to figure […]

Wanted: Pictures and Seniors

Now that the real hangovers have worn off, the buggy hangover is in full swing, and we want to help you deal with the emptiest time of year: post-raceday. Pictures Share your pictures from raceday with the rest of the cmubuggy.org community.  So far we have a decent start with 250 pictures from 4 or […]

SDC sweeps, smashes records

Sweepstakes 2009: Yes, there is a person in there – and Holy &!^@ did she go fast! It was another record breaking year, something no one might have expected after last year’s impossibly fast times. The men’s and women’s course records (2:04.35 and 2:28.84) were shattered after only a year, replaced by SDC’s new times […]

Special raceday features debuted

Check out the raceday-special front page and the new features that we’re unveiling Raceday Buzz – for the folks at home to converse while they watch the cmutv feed Raceday Guide – download your own copy of the ultimate buggy spotter’s guide Leaderboard – check during the races to see a near-live update of the […]

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Buggy Books of History Countdown : T-0.3

Oops! With the chaos of getting the auction ready last week, I wrote half of this and forgot to finish or post it. I’m sure all of you out there were waiting anxiously to complete your collection, so I apologize for the delay.  Here is an abridged version of the narrative. All of the buggy […]

Members-Only Raceday Preview is out

The Buggy Alumni Association has distributed its first ever Members-Only Raceday Preview, an action packed, full color, team-by-team low down of the buggy scene just a few days before the races.  Check out these real quotes from satisfied members: “the sweetest thing that has ever come out for buggy ever” “who even needs compubookie now […]

Major history data upgrade

Just in time for our first raceday, the Buggy Alumni Association’s database of buggy history has been seriously upgraded over the lat couple of weeks.  Major accomplishments include: The entire backlog of history contributions has now been processed and added to the database.  Thanks so much for your contributions so far, and sorry that it […]

Rolls Report – Truck Weekend

Sweepstakes was able to pull off two successful days of rolls this weekend, despite some delays. Many organizations were able to complete their qualifications for Raceday. Saturday, April 11 – all orgs present (Saturday’s pictures here) Sunday, April 12 – all orgs but Beta present (Sunday’s pictures here) While the proposed start time of rolls […]

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