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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Protest now! G20 forces sweepstakes to cancel rolls!

Actually, it would probably be a great weekend to roll. When else are we going to have the Secret Service and the US Army helping us keep cars off the course? From what we’ve seen so far, they sure as hell know how to get the job done. There are ten foot high steel crowd […]

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Rolls Report 9/19

One nice day in September is a great way to start the year of buggy.  It’s early enough to capitalize on all that recruiting momentum and good weather.  At the same time, the G20 superseded rolls (and everything else in pittsburgh) Sunday and next weekend.  That give us all time to adapt to the fact that […]

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Rolls efficiency statistics 2009

As we start a new year of rolls with a new sweepstakes committee, I realized that we computed some stats on the number of rolls in the fall of last year, but forgot to follow up on that in the spring.  The idea with these stats is just to give sweepstakes and the orgs some […]

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Orgs come, orgs go

Most years in buggy see the birth, rebirth, or death of an organization but the transition from 2009 to 2010 is looking busier than usual.  We hate to see anyone go, but it looks like the net migration might come out even or positive this year, so hopefully we can stay right around 50 teams […]

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Welcome back to buggy

The off-season is officially behind us, and the 2010 season of buggy is here.  The first day of rolls (weather willing) will be this Saturday, September 19th.  Does that sound early?  It is.  Things are getting started a full 3 weeks earlier than last year making a strong case in favor of the new policy […]

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