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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Rolls Report 10/25

Sorry for the later than usual report this week.  Post-game Steelers celebrations unexpectedly went all night. —————– Saturday was rained out again this week bringing the tally to 4 rain-outs in the last 5 scheduled days of rolls, but Sunday was a perfect fall day for rolls.  Nice leaves, not too hot, not too cold. […]

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cmubuggy.org turns 1!

That’s right, it seems like an institution already, but it was only a year ago that cmubuggy.org got started and gave the buggy lovers of the world a place to congregate.  The year-round trash talk, the authoritative source to resolve buggy trivia disputes, and the weekly updates of pictures and news all seemed to have been well […]

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Driver tank tops available from Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes is making and selling a run of driver-specific tank tops, and they were nice enough to ask if any alumni or other cmubuggy.org readers would like one while the order is going in. Click on the thumbnail to take a look at the full design. On pre-order now for $11 expected to arrive in 2 […]

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Rolls Report 10/11

Saturday was rained out and mercifully cancelled before 8pm Friday night, leaving time for other plans. Sunday was just one of those days.  Some hold-up with the police and the outer barricades meant things didn’t get started until 7:40 or so.  From then on, the same teams and buggies that rolled super efficiently last week […]

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Rolls Report 10/3 & 10/4

Saturday 10/3 (full gallery here) The rain stopped around 8pm Friday night, and sweepstakes was brave enough to bet on the course drying in 11 hours. It pretty much did. I wouldn’t have called it dry, but with a little extra caution from the orgs and drivers, things went pretty smoothly. Only 6 teams really […]

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