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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Rolls Report – Mini Raceday

It’s hard to say whether buggy has been lucky or unlucky with regard to weather this year.  They’ve gotten rained out 5 times but to be rolling in mid-november with temperatures in the high 40’s / low 50’s is pretty darn nice. In attendance Org Saturday Sunday AEPi Camo, Kamikaze CIA Conquest, Firebird, Renaissance, Quasar […]

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Alumni in Central Ohio?

We received this request from a science teacher in the Columbus, OH area: Greetings, I am a science teacher in Central Ohio.  As part of our second semester STEM program, we would like to have students design and build “carts” for a competition similar to the Buggy Races at CMU.  I found your website and […]

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Composites Forum Today

This is from John Thornton, former Fringe head mechanic and current employee in the Robotics Department who is developing a long-needed center for composites. There is a forum today on campus at 4:30. See the full details.

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Rolls Report 11/7 & 11/8

Pittsburgh finally let buggy have a nice dry course for the weekend, so CMU stepped up and provided the torrents of water on Sunday.  Thanks CMU!  Saturday was sunny, 40-45 degrees, and over 2 hours long thanks to the end of day light savings.  Sweepstakes got through the roll order 3 full times despite a […]

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