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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Rolls Report – March 27 & 28

We’ve only got 2 more days of rolls and truck weekend for teams to get their act together before raceday.  If any of that gets rained out, we could be in for some real slapstick come raceday.  Last weekend’s assortment of chute incidents actually looked mild compared to the number of ways teams found to […]

Thursday Poll: what to do with Design Comp?

Ah, design comp.  How many competitions can you think of that some people respond to by wearing suits while others … well … do not make the same effort to make a good impression. The list of buggies entering design comp hasn’t been announced by Sweepstakes yet this year, but I hope that it will […]

Rolls Report – March 20 & 21

Two days of genuine good spring weather (45-50°F and mostly sunny) provided the first real weekend of rolls, and the teams made it an exciting one.  With three new buggies and enough incidents in the chute to make a driver blush, it took extra long to sort out and write about here at headquarters.  Our apologies for […]

Thursday Poll: for love or buggy

We probably should have run this one about a month ago to be timely, but this topic came up in the forums, and I’m in no position to turn down a decent poll idea at this point. The topic this week is “buggy vs. relationships” or “relationships via buggy” depending on your perspective.  Out in […]

Rolls Report – First rolls of 2010

I was starting to think it would never happen, and even Sunday morning I don’t think the teams were sure it was really going to happen, but rolls have started for the semester.  It only took 6 weeks from Sweepstakes’ ambitious first shot at rolls, but buggy has overcome one of Pittsburgh’s snowiest winters ever. […]

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