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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Buggy loses a pillar: PiKA kicked off campus

Aw crap.  It was announced this afternoon that PiKA’s charter has been revoked by the school CMU chapter will not be recognized for at least four years. Losing PiKA from campus is obviously a huge loss to the greek community and to the broader social community at CMU in which they played a consistently central role. […]

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2012 Sweepstakes Committee

Letting Sam take a well-deserved break from running the site, I thought I’d update everyone with the results from last night’s Sweepstakes Committee election. Winners in bold along with their org and their class as of next year. Chairman Anthony Pacella (SigEp, Senior) Jeff Bouton (PiKA, Junior) Ass Chair Kevin Jang (KapSig, Senior) Jeff Bouton […]

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Awesome short film from raceday

Having a rough day back in the office or classroom after an awesome raceday? Take 96 seconds and relive the feeling for a moment. Repeat as necessary throughout the week. This video was shot and produced by Randi Voss, a CMU alum and local photographer / videographer / my wedding photographer.

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Finals Cancelled (rain)

Sweepstakes has decided to spare everyone a few soggy hours in the rain and cancel Saturday’s races now.   With 100% chance of rain for every relevant hour and a huge mass of green on the radar, it was definitely the sane call to make. That means that today’s prelim results are final, and Fringe […]

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Prelim results and Finals schedule

I hope you either made it out this morning or followed along online, because prelims 2011 were a fine day of  racing.  Luckily, some fine folks in the forums summarized the day’s events, so I’ll skip that and get to the details. The full official results are here on our leaderboard: http://cmubuggy.org/raceday/leaderboard The schedule for […]

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2010 videos now on cmubuggy!

If you’ve been on cmubuggy in the last 5 days since our new site debuted (and over 2,000 of you have), you’ve undoubtedly checked out its biggest new feature: the video library.  For the launch we had 264 videos capturing buggy from the 1950’s through raceday 2009.  Thanks to our partners in this project over […]

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Lead Truck Auction 2011 kicks off

At 9AM this morning, bidding will commence in the 3rd annual Lead Truck Auction. Don’t show up fashionably late to the bidding this year as we’ve got only 36 hours (bidding closes at 9pm wednesday) to divvy up the rides because the heat selection was held later than it has been in recent years. For […]

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Here comes raceday + mini truck weekend report

I hope the rolls report faithful weren’t too distraught today given the lack of rolls report following an exciting truck weekend.  As you may remember, after truck weekend the large and well compensated BAA staffers spend the night producing an in depth and comprehensive report for our generous supporters: the Members-Only Raceday Preview.  Lucky for […]

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New website arrives in time for raceday

While six of the buggy orgs were in their garage all winter building new buggies, we did some building of our own and attempted the first complete overhaul of our website since it was launched in 2008. In addition to a visual re-design and upgraded forum, gallery, and news software, some of the exciting new […]

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Rolls Report: April 3

The last regular weekend of rolls of the year was starting to feel a little bit like truck weekend already as teams set up by the start line and put down their fastest times.  Saturday was rained out by about 90 minutes of rain that just happened to come down between 5 and 7am.  Sunday’s […]

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