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Men’s Finals washed out, SDC Sweeps 2012

The rain held off for long enough to squeeze the women’s finals run starting earlier than scheduled at 8am.  A quick downpour doused the crowd waiting for the men’s heats to begin, and sweepstakes called it.  SDC takes both the Men’s and Women’s crowns for 2012. More wrap-up later!  Enjoy the rest of carnival! Final […]

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Prelims awesome; finals waiting on weather

Prelims were pretty awesome.  We’re hoping Finals will happen and be awesome despite the threat of rain.  Here’s the deal with what happened and what is scheduled to happen. Prelims Results Please upgrade your browser Women’s Finals Heat Lane 1 Lane 3 1 SigEp A SDC C 2 SDC B Spirit A 3 SDC A […]

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12 hours left in Lead Truck Auction. Bid now!

Our 4th annual lead truck auction will draw to a close tonight at 9pm, so get your bids in early and often to secure your ride.  We do have a “reserve bid” system if you want to set a maximum and let the computers do the work. We’ve raised a total of $471.38 so far (all […]

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Truck weekend mini-report and Raceday hype

If you’re a member you should have found our legendary Members-only Raceday Preview in your inbox by now.  Enjoy it.  If you didn’t get a copy, you should know that it’s not too late.  Join up, forward us the gift receipt to join@cmubuggy, and we’ll hook you up pronto.  If you thought you were a […]

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2011 Raceday videos now online!

It’s the time of year when exciting buggy things start happening pretty much every day.  I hope you’re not trying to get any work done, because today is one of those days. Since we unveiled cmubuggy.org 2.0 just over a year ago, the video section has been one of the less talked about, but most used […]

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Rolls report: April 7 & 8 (last weekend of regular rolls)

Teams took advantage of two full days of brisk but dry weather to close out the “regular season” of freerolls.  Most teams got all of their drivers qualified and are ready for truck weekend which is coming up fast.  Thanks this week to Ben Matzke and Shafeeq for the notes on rolls as I was […]

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Rolls Report: April Fool’s edition

It may have been April 1st, but there’re no pranks here, rolls happened on Sunday, they were fun, and we’ve got the details for you.  Saturday was rained out, but in one day we got more headline material than the last couple of weeks put together.  One new buggy, one radical renovation, one new team […]

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