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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Rolls Report: Nov 17 & 18 – Fall Final

Sorry for this being a bit late, hopefully you’ll find this a relaxing break before you enjoy some thanksgiving feast. It’s the last weekend of fall rolls and from what I can tell it was a flurry of activity both days. The teams will now have a chance to sleep in on the weekends instead […]

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Rolls Report: Nov 11 – Mini Raceday #1

Sorry for the delay, being on the opposite side of the earth, my times are a little messed up. I sadly was also not able to take any pictures this weekend. Anyone who was at rolls with a camera should send me all pictures they took so that I can add them to this report. […]

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Rolls Report: Nov 3 – Short

After two weekends of no rolls, many teams were excited to take advantage of the longest day of rolls thanks to the end of daylight savings. Unfortunately, the longest day is always preceded by the shortest day, which can always feel like a let-down for teams getting only a few rolls. Unfortunately, Sunday rolls were […]

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