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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Midsemester Break – No Rolls but some News

With not enough teams to meet quorum, buggy took a break for the long weekend of the midsemester. With nothing to report on, we’ve been looking for something to share with you guys. Given our current struggle with membership tracking, we know there are some of you that didn’t get our most recent publication. So, […]

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Rolls Report: Oct. 17 & 18 – Not a single spin!

Good news everyone! This weekend of rolls was completely and totally 100% incident-free! That’s right; not a single buggy spun, crashed, or even came to an unintentional stop. In addition to this glorious piece of news, more roadwork has been done to the back hills and there are now shiny parking lines. This doesn’t seem […]

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Rolls Report: Oct 10 & 11 – Ceilidh: Now with buggies!

Both CMU and UPitt celebrated their homecomings this weekend. The title of this post might be a little misleading because buggies have been rolling during Ceilidh since CMU re-branded their homecoming festivities, however this weekend saw a fairly large number of buggies parading around Flagstaff. Also, there were donuts provided through the Buggy Alumni Association, […]

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Ceilidh is Upon Us

Welcome folks to another Ceilidh celebration here at the Pittsburgh Campus of CMU! For us Buggy people, this weekend is more or less business as usual. The weather looks like it will hold and the teams are ready for another full weekend of rolls. This time though, Ceilidh will bring some added bonuses. Quick look of […]

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Rolls Report: Oct. 4 – A Pleasantly Quiet Day of Rolls

Unlike last weekend, which was full of Scottish-themed events and Great Racing, this weekend was refreshingly low key. Rain and soggy forecasts thwarted Saturday’s rolls, but Sunday was quite dry and relatively pleasant weather for the seven teams out with buggies. In Attendance Org Sunday Apex Phoenix CIA Equinox, Ascension, Impulse Fringe X1, Balious, Beacon, Bissa […]

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