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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Rolls Report: Nov. 12 – Last Day of Rolls

This past weekend marked the end of rolls for the fall semester. Frosty nights and finals mean that buggies settle in for their winter naps and the elves come out to finish builds in time for the spring semester. Although the previous weekend saw every team out, far fewer were came out this weekend. On […]

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Mini Raceday Alumni Data Dump

As you probably already knew, this past weekend was the very exciting Mini Raceday Weekend. We posted the official Sweepstakes freeroll and backhill times, but thanks to the efforts of a couple of our more dedicated alumni, we have bonus data! Specifically we have the calculated speeds just before the chute and at the fourth window of […]

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Rolls Report: Nov. 14 & 15 – Mini Raceday!

This was a great weekend for buggy: fair weather, clean(er) roads, and Mini Raceday. If you are reading this post you are probably already familiar with the concept of Mini Raceday and all that it entails, but if you stumbled upon cmubuggy.org through a fluke of the internet, let us explain (because we wouldn’t want […]

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Rolls Report: Nov. 7 & 8 – Leaves and Speed

After 3 weeks of no or singular days of rolls, we finally had a glorious full weekend of rolls. 11 teams, several bicyclists, and a few joggers made their way around the course over Saturday and Sunday. While the latter two weren’t exactly welcome, they didn’t impede too much in the grand scheme of things. However, […]

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Rolls Report: Oct. 31 – Happy Halloween!

After last week’s hiatus thanks to midsemester break, buggies were out and rolling again this weekend. Well, they were rolling on Saturday. Apparently, most of the organizations didn’t want to do buggy things the day after Halloween. They must have been up late handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. This Saturday was also the last day […]

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