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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Timing Data: March 26

This past weekend a couple of our alumni were out recording buggy speeds in two different locations on the course. One took timing data after the chute turn, but we unfortunately don’t have that compiled yet and is summarized in the second table. These data are listed in roll order as several of the buggy IDs […]

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Rolls Report: March 26 & 27 – Two weeks until Raceday!

Spring was in the air this week and Pittsburgh finally let us have a nice full weekend of rolls. All 10 teams rolled at least one day and what’s more, we are happy to report that although there were a couple controlled stops, there were no spins or other accidents. This always great to see […]

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Current Membership Status for 2016

Hello Buggy Patrons, As some of you have been requesting, here is the current membership listing for Raceday 2016. All those listed have donated at least $10 to the BAA since last Raceday. If you don’t see your name below and believe it should be, please contact us at admin[at]cmubuggy.org and we will help you […]

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Rolls Report: March 19 – Snowy Rolls

With last week being CMU’s spring break, we’ve been going through some serious buggy withdrawal for two weekends in a row. This past Saturday saw 7 teams and 17 buggies making their way around the course. After the first two teams rolled on Sunday, Pittsburgh decided that heavy snow was in order.  Given that no […]

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A word from our Head Raceday Preview Editor

And now a word from Aileen: Hello BAA members! It’s almost the best time of the year – Spring Carnival time! Every year we publish a detailed Raceday Preview. This year, we’re looking for new input – do you have exciting insider information? Opinions about new wheels, aerodynamics, or other buggy trends? A list of complaints […]

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ONE Month to Raceday! We Want New Voices!

Calling all buggy people! Friday Buggy Panel With Carnival only a few short weeks away, we would like to invite anyone and everyone to come to our second Raceday Buggy Panel! We will be holding it at the same time as last year, but likely in a new location (more details on that later). We […]

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Timing Data: Feb 28

This past weekend our intrepid alumni ran the new and ever improving speed trap to gather some very interesting data. The trap was set up just after the monument in the Freeroll, so the posted values should represent terminal buggy speed. Not all the buggy names have been matched to their roll, however rolls are […]

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Rolls Report: Feb 28 – Another Minimum Quorum Day

Weather prevented rolls this Saturday, but buggies were out rolling Sunday with far fewer Uber cabs and fire trucks. The Speed Trap system was out again and after some slight modifications was performing much better than last weekend. One improvement was implementation of additional cameras to test accuracy of the speeds gathered. The results are […]

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