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April 20-21

Monthly Archives: March 2016

Current Membership Status for 2016

Hello Buggy Patrons, As some of you have been requesting, here is the current membership listing for Raceday 2016. All those listed have donated at least $10 to the BAA since last Raceday. If you don’t see your name below and believe it should be, please contact us at admin[at]cmubuggy.org and we will help you […]

ONE Month to Raceday! We Want New Voices!

Calling all buggy people! Friday Buggy Panel With Carnival only a few short weeks away, we would like to invite anyone and everyone to come to our second Raceday Buggy Panel! We will be holding it at the same time as last year, but likely in a new location (more details on that later). We […]

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