Raceday 2017
April 21-22

Monthly Archives: February 2017

Fall Rolls Wrap-up

As we head into an exciting season of spring rolls, here’s a recap of what happened this fall, team by team. Detailed MiniRaceday stats can be found in our report here. Autonomous Division Robobuggy The honor of the first roll of the 2016-2017 season went to Transistor, a product of the Robobuggy program in Robotics […]

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Rolls Report: February 19 – A day of Independents

Rolls were canceled late Friday night with an unfortunate message regarding Sweepstakes leadership health. Sunday morning got underway still lacking Sweepstakes Chair Enosh, who has a bad case of Pokérus brought on by the the recent update to Pokémon (Here is Enosh at the Dallas Regional). It’s looking warm for the start of Spring Rolls this […]

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