Raceday 2018
April 20-21

2017 Election Results and Treasurer Run-off

The votes are in! Thanks to those of you who took the few minutes to participate. Here are the results:

  • Communications – Aileen Dinin
  • Head Reporter – Natalie McGuier
  • Webmaster – Krishan Taylor
  • Team Outreach – Edward Cao
  • President – Ben Matzke

During the election process, we had a few write-ins for Treasurer. None got enough votes for an outright election so once we get acceptances back, we will hold a run-off election for this position. Keep an eye out for more info, here are the current nominees:

  • Bryan Arsham
  • Ethan Gladding
  • Meghan Kaffine

Please join me in welcoming our new and returning exec board members!

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