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April 20-21

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2017 Election Results and Treasurer Run-off

The votes are in! Thanks to those of you who took the few minutes to participate. Here are the results: Communications – Aileen Dinin Head Reporter – Natalie McGuier Webmaster – Krishan Taylor Team Outreach – Edward Cao President – Ben Matzke During the election process, we had a few write-ins for Treasurer. None got […]

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Last Chance to Vote!

BAA elections are ending this evening! Make sure your voice gets heard and VOTE! We’ve had a great showing so far and a few new nominations for Treasurer. Once these polls close, we’ll be reaching out to the new potential candidates and hold another round of voting in a couple weeks. Today’s Wigle Barrel Roll […]

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Elections all around & Wigle Barrel Roll THIS FRIDAY

Election season is upon us and Sweepstakes is no exception. This Monday they held elections for the new team of Chairman, Assistant Chairman, and Safety Chairman. It was a relatively quick affair with some good discussion, and here are the results: Assistant Chairwoman: Elyce Miligan – CIA/Atlas – Co-Founder of the Atlas project that’s been […]

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Last Call for Nominations

Nominations for the BAA end TODAY! Here’s a quick update of the slate that members will be voting on next week: Reporting Lead: Natalie McGuier (2nd Term) Communications: Aileen Dinin (2nd Term) Webmaster: Madison Scott President: Ben Matzke Team Outreach: Ethan Gladding Team Outreach: Edward Cao We are still lacking a nomination for a Treasurer/Membership […]

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SDC Reclaims Men’s and Women’s Titles

Congratulations to SDC on retaining and retaking the Men’s and Women’s titles in spectacular fashion! They are again in a league of their own setting new course records of 2:02.16 & 2:23.27! If you didn’t catch the awards ceremony after the races, here’s what you missed: King of the Hill: Jacob Hoffman – SDC A Queen […]

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Saturday Events Schedule

Here we go again! Good luck to all teams, we will be watching for you to finish strong. 8am – Exhibition Races – Flagstaff Hill & cmuTV.org 9am – Finals Races – Flagstaff Hill & cmuTV.org 4pm-7pm – BAA Happy Hour – The Porch in Schenley Plaza 4:30pm – Awards Ceremony – Tennis Court Amphitheater If you won […]

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Friday Events Schedule

The Races are upon us if the rain gods cooperate. Here’s what’s going on for this potential first day of Racing: 8am – 12pm – Prelim Races – Flagstaff Hill & cmuTV.org 12:30pm – BAA Lunch Gathering – Donner Ditch Food at All-Campus BBQ Reserved area in Donner Ditch Tent 1:30pm – History Of Buggy […]

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Thursday Events Schedule

Today’s the Day! CARNIVAL IS HERE! If you missed last night’s WRCT Broadcast, you can catch up on it RIGHT HERE. If you’re in Pittsburgh for the weekend, be sure to check out the buggy things going on: 10am-12am – Design Competition – Weigand Gymnasium 12am-2pm – Design Showcase – Weigand Gymnasium Presentation and Q&A […]

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For those of you in Pittsburgh Tune in at 88.3 FM or if you’re outside the city, you can stream the broadcast at wrct.org @ 8pm EST Hear from: Jordan Kunz – Former SDC pusher and buggy fact man Ethan Gladding – Up and coming Rolls Reporter Randy Garcia – Current Spirit Co-Chair Ben Matzke […]

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Compubookie 2017

Compubookie managed to find our email again for their annual column. This year it did manage to get it together for the Tartan as well, so you many have been able to catch it in the most recent issue. With a little break in our own Raceday content, we’ve put it up here as well for […]

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