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Vote on the new VP of the BAA!

Summers for the BAA are a bit slow (as we all know), but that doesn’t mean things don’t happen! We hope many of you have kept your eye on the forums over the past few weeks and for those of you that have, you might have noticed that we have a new person interested in […]

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Rolls Report: Feb 22 & 23 – SABOTAGE

Despite the freak snow storm earlier in the week, Pittsburgh decided to warm up and clear up just for the weekend. At the start of last week, there were also only two orgs with caped buggies, but by the end of the week, there were enough to make rolls happen. Against all odds, rolls were […]

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Vote now for BAA Chairman

After collecting nominations and doing a little discussion of the nominees in the forum, it’s time to vote.  Just to review, the two positions up for election this year are Chairman and Assistant Chairman.  The other two positions, Head Mechanic (currently: me) and Treasurer (currently: Chris Stengel) will be elected next year.  The idea is […]

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Thursday Polls 2010 Wrap-up

This post was written in advance and scheduled to get posted this morning automatically, because we don’t have time to be writing posts anymore … It’s RACEDAY!!  Well, the purists would say raceday is tomorrow, but us BAA folks are at design comp passing out stickers and tshirts.  Come on down and see us if […]

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Thursday Poll: Who’s going to get a trophy?

Today is the last Thursday we’ve got before the circus comes to town, so I’m going to cut straight to the heart of the matter with this, the final Thursday Poll of the year.  Who do you think is going to go home with a trophy from this year’s races? When it comes to raceday […]

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Thursday Poll – Finding a home for the jumbotron

As we announced recently, we are very excited to be helping to bring not one, but two jumbotrons to buggy this year.  The first will be at the top of hill to next to the leaderboard just as it was last year.  The second will be down in the chute so fans in either of […]

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Thursday Poll: what to do with Design Comp?

Ah, design comp.  How many competitions can you think of that some people respond to by wearing suits while others … well … do not make the same effort to make a good impression. The list of buggies entering design comp hasn’t been announced by Sweepstakes yet this year, but I hope that it will […]

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Thursday Poll: for love or buggy

We probably should have run this one about a month ago to be timely, but this topic came up in the forums, and I’m in no position to turn down a decent poll idea at this point. The topic this week is “buggy vs. relationships” or “relationships via buggy” depending on your perspective.  Out in […]

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Thursday Poll: Buggy names good enough to use twice

The kids are on spring break this week, and it’s been breaking 60 degrees here in Pittsburgh all of a sudden. With warm weather finally on the scene, we’re close to rolls, and with rolls, we’re close to new buggies. Back in my day as a head mechanic, building buggies was challenging, but finding a […]

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“Thursday” Poll: Which hill holds the glory?

First, let me apologize for letting the regulars down on the Thursday poll this week, and thank you for letting me know that you noticed.  You’d be surprised how quickly Thursdays come around when it comes to dreaming up poll questions.  In exchange for your patience, I have generated a neat graph. This one goes out to […]

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