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BAA - A 'Sub-Website'

Posted: Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:43 pm
by BuggyBob
I would suggest that ONE SINGLE separate permanent thread be established for those (some, derogatory word) people that are interested in NON-CMU Buggy-like matters (and that ALL such posts be placed THERE), such as stuff that deals with:
* The Akron Ultimate race.
* Commercial sales.
* Personal issues with other BAA members

Re: BAA - A 'Sub-Website'

Posted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:54 pm
Sam Swift: Please either

Removed the slander as requested ("Franked" message on this site)
Do not remove or prohibit a response to slander (retaining a slanderous message while removing the response could be construed as CMUBUGGY.ORG condoning slander).

Please note my response in bold (posted on another message site) about being "Franked":

A PiKA student and I were a long distance from the timing monitor and when we both approached the timing table for our team's time (with the monitor back to both of us the mother yelled "Do not look at my times"). This was one of the most disgusting and shocking acts I had ever seem at a derby event and it is more than easy to prove that our team did not steel or attempt to steel any times ever (this is one of your most hatefully lies). How did I bully anyone? I asked for her name only to convey the incident to Ken later (Derek talked me out of it). How is asking a person their name a threat? Another shocking Estes lie.

What you and your lying friend do not know if that many tire in the race was provided by ZE. Every one who used ZE tires knows that we were around the timing table so often to use many results to select what tires we tested next (resulting in being around the timing table a long time to collect many times - not to steal others time). Since you did not know why we were there and what we were doing, your rush to hateful conclusions, conveyed as truth, and then spread at the USC and on CMUBUGGY.ORG. What an incredible evil and horrible response to a conclusion that support your slanders premises.

The writing down of times (in the ZE tire metrix) was used to tell Derek at the top what tires to send next. I have PiKA witnesses with me who knows the truth. The only reason so many got upset over this issue is that you spread lies against the ZE team to stir s*** up (you disgusting jerk and monster). You are the source of USC slander, anger, and are ruining the Ultimate Speed Division with your own hateful agenda.

Re: BAA - A 'Sub-Website'

Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:19 am
by McCue
I'm not Sam, but it is doubtful that your post will be deleted, which hopefully ends any issues anyone has with this forum's content and moderation.

That being said, keep this (and all related) discussion here as BuggyBob requested. Please no cross-posting in other topics about this. In fact, I would strongly encourage all parties to deal with this whole thing elsewhere, or maybe just leave it be.

Thanks everyone for understanding.

Re: BAA - A 'Sub-Website'

Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:52 am
by TommyK
is a 'Zero Error tire metrix' like a vulcanized version of the matrix in SI units without deja vu?

I'm a big fan of moneyball tactics in buggy, its how you know which buggy, pusher and wheels to roll A team. No matter how good a buggy looks the clock doesn't lie.
But the great thing about buggy ... limited data points means sometimes you just have to roll the dice and go with your gut, and that's exciting. (did anyone watch simpsons this week?)