any php pros want to help me with cmubuggy v2?

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any php pros want to help me with cmubuggy v2?

Postby swiftsam » Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:49 pm

I've got some good progress and lots of big ideas for the first real overhaul of this site since it was launched 2 years ago. I was hoping to unveil it before the end of this semester (perhaps with only some of the new planned features). I'm also a bit too busy to make that happen it seems.

One of the big pieces that I'm not currently satisfied with and want to work really well in the new version is the user registration / login functionality. This is complicated because the site is built on a bunch of existing php packages that all have their own user tables and authentication systems. Specifically, the software packages we're working with are:
wordpress (less critical)

There are mods/plugins that could work for each, or I've looked into doing an OpenID integration, or just trying to mod each to use a custom solution. If this sounds like an interesting problem to you, you have experience doing this, or have an opinion on how to solve it, let me know or post here.

Also, that's just the most pressing project and one that I'm least excited about solving on my own. If you might want to help with other parts (front end design/css, improving the history data structure), or have suggestions on what the site is missing or could do better, you should speak up with those too.

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