Driver wanted for new team! Experience desirable.

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Driver wanted for new team! Experience desirable.

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Hey buggy community,

CMU's Naval ROTC has formed a buggy team with the intent of rolling this Raceday. They have been fixing up an old buggy, SigEp's Shrek. They've made good progress and the shell is in good shape, so it looks like they'll be able to get the buggy rollable. However, they don't have a driver! They had a candidate bit she had to back out. Now there's two weekends left before truck weekend and they're in need of a driver. If they were to get a veteran driver, who would only need ten rolls and a pass test, they would be able to qualify in time. Otherwise it will be fairly challenging and they may not roll until next fall. But getting a new driver some practice rolls in the spring will still be helpful for a smoother fall semester next year.

If anyone knows a driver who is teamless and might have interest in rolling with ROTC, please have them get in touch with me and/or ROTC's buggy chair Christina Razzano as soon as possible!

Our email addresses are and

Thanks for your help!
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