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Hey! You with the face! The BAA needs your help!

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:06 pm
by aitong
Since 2009, the BAA has done a lot to help make carnival a better experience for both students and alums. We brought in ( and operated ) the new timing system, we helped bring the jumbotrons to the top of hill 2 and the chute, we make and distribute the race day guides, we post the rolls reports, we run the lead truck auction, and we provide a raceday preview for BAA members. On top of all that we run Over the course of the year, provides a central location for recording buggy history, uploading buggy pictures, getting buggy news, and talking with other buggy alums. On raceday, it becomes your source for raceday times and results.

And now, the BAA is looking for your help! We need new folks to help make sure we can continue doing all the things mentioned above. Not in Pittsburgh? Not a problem! There is plenty to do for people not in the Burgh.

We are not looking for commitments, but we are looking for people who would be interested helping out. Below is a break down of all the projects we currently do, and what is involved.

If you are interested in helping out with one of the projects either post here or send email to, and mention what project you are interested in. When we are ready to start on that project for the 2013/2014 season, we'll get in touch.

Rolls Reports :
Providing highlights and summaries of freeroll practices on weekends

What's involved
* Attending freeroll practices
* Taking pictures and/or video at freerolls
* Typing up your summary and highlights and posting it on the site

Time Commitment/What we are looking for
* You can attend as many, or as few, freeroll practices as you want. We have a large number of alums in pittsburgh, so we should be able to split up the practices among us. Ideally, you would be at the course by the time freerolls start ( typically around 7am )
* We would contact you at the begging of fall semester about which practices you would be able to attend
* It usually takes about an hour to get a summary and pictures typed up, formatted, and posted

Raceday Preview :
The team by team report that is sent out to BAA members before raceday

What's involved
* Produce a summary of the year in buggy overall
* Producing a summary of each teams progress over the past year
* Producing an interesting analyses of statistics
* Produce a few paragraphs on any additional topics that might be interesting

Time Commitment/What we are looking for
* This is typically done by 3-4 people
* Work starts shortly before truck weekend
* Typically requires about 3-5 hours of work per person

Raceday Guides :
Spiffy 8x11 sheets that have a visual guide for all the buggys and all the heats are listed. A version with the finals heats is produced for finals.

What's involved
* Gather profile pics of all the buggys ( with as recent paint jobs as possible )
* Get the prelim heat schedule
* Get any additional content for the back from students and alumni house ( design comp, etc )
* Get 1000-2000 copies printed before design comp
* Get the final heat schedule, replace the prelim heat schedule on the guide, and print out another 1000-2000 copies for finals.

Time Commitment/What we are looking for :
* After truck weekend, usually requires an 1 - 2 hours of adjusting existing template with newer/repainted buggies
* After prelim heats are decided, put the heat schedule into the raceday guide
* Responsible for making sure version for finals is printed out the fri night of carnival
* This can be split among 2-3 people

Lead Truck Auction :
Auction off a spot in each lead truck to a lucky winner

What's involved
* Entering the prelim heat info into the auction software the monday night before races
* Responding to problems with the auction software that occur while the auction is occuring
* Working with sweepstakes and alumni house to coordinate the logistics for raceday
* Contacting final heat winners on Fri night/ Sat morning of carnival to determine which heats they will ride in

Time Commitment/What we are looking for :
* This is typically done by 2 people - one handles the auction software, one handles contacting people
* The software runner needs to be available for the tue and wed before carnival to deal with auction problems
* The contacting person needs to be available to contact auction winners on fri night/sat morning of carnival
* The contacting person needs to have some level of communication with sweepstakes and alumni house Admin :
What's involved
* Maintaining the website

Time Commitment/What we are looking for :
* Sam swift has put ALOT of effort into making the site what it is today - you'll need to spend some amount of time learning how the internals work
* Fighting any fires that pop up ( space runs out, site crashes, etc ) Improvements :
There will be a separate post about this, but there are lots of places the site could be improved.