Proposed Rule Changes

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Re: Proposed Rule Changes

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Zatchmo wrote: Coordinating as many as 30-40 ...
I mean, it really only seems necessary for drivers (4-5 people tops) because that is where almost all the injuries are, but apparently that is unfair. Lets toss mechanic physicals on and bump that number to 50-60, then say, "that's too much work to put on a team, so lets just ignore safety in this instance"

I'm still baffled at how buggy remains the only big sport on campus where this sort of thing isn't required.
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Re: Proposed Rule Changes

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rjdavis lets just ignore safety in this instance"
Oh please, I don't ignore safety, I'm suggesting this has nothing to do with safety. Who do you think is getting stopped from driving by a physical? For what reason? Buggy has yet to have a serious injury caused by a pre-existing back condition, and hopefully basic logic can keep that streak going. And if you choose to phrase it based on worst case to the doctor ("So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how ready am I for a spinal compression, a head impact, and a broken finger"), I don't see that being very productive either.

The injuries that occur have nothing to do with anything a physical would address to this point. It's a feel-good liability shifter. If the CMU lawyer says there is liability that needs shifting, this conversation is pointless, the lawyer will write the rule for CMU and we have nothing to worry about, and if he or she doesn't, this is just going to lead to more silly rules-politicking.

Honestly, I imagine physicals make more sense for pushers than drivers, in terms of injury prevention. Heck of a lot easier for a physical to determine who shouldn't be running competitive sprints and power lifts than who is or isn't physically prepared to smack into something.
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Re: Proposed Rule Changes

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Just another example of rules being added for the sake of...something. If anything, this rule creates more problems than it solves - drivers hiding injuries for fear of being inconvenienced or having to sit out. Sweepstakes shouldn't be focused on adding more senseless rules when they can't even enforce or properly comprehend the current ones. As well as a general attitude of apathy from team's chairs, who just raise their hands to approve a rule change, because "why not?".
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