cmuTV streaming video epic fail

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Re: cmuTV streaming video epic fail

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Pope on a Rope wrote:Tracking the 2nd and 3rd buggies would require more cameras and more complexity. To me, if the 2nd buggy is not in the shot with the leader, I really could not care less about them.
I cannot disagree more. As a member of a team who's buggy has never been in the lead in any race prior to Hill 5 (we passed a driver's push team in an exhibition one year), the only time I ever get to see my org is when they show trailing buggies. They've gotten much better at this in recent years, especially once they started bringing in picture-in-picture (which I had been calling for years prior to that). Would I like more picture-in-picture? Sure. But I think they did a pretty good job this year, especially on Day 2. So of all the things I can (and have) complained about, I'm pretty good with the actual filming of Saturday's races this year.
shafeeq wrote:The Jumbotron in the chute seemed rotated even further towards the gazebo on Saturday, but it did cause a bunch of people walking past Phipps to stop and watch a heat. Except if they happened to walk by between heats and it was showing dogs or the crowd or the announcers. If they don't have anything to show, why not just replay the last heat?
I loved the rotation of the jumbotron this year, as it allowed me to move back to my old spot on the outside of the chute, which is a much better view than the inside of the chute. I agree with the replay idea (personally, I like the fact that they show drops, but I realize these are generally boring and unless you're SigEp, they're formalities; as long as the announcers can tell us about a failed drop test, I don't actually need to see it), or at least something to keep the crowd entertained. I like the team packages that they've done in years past. Or even something as silly as the "Dance Cam" and "Kiss Cam" from a few years back (this works once or twice per day...not between every heat). Not that I mind the dogs, especially the one that went crazy on its back next to the baby stroller. But it would be kinda nice to see full replays, or at least have something going on in the 8 (or so) minutes between heats.
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Re: cmuTV streaming video epic fail

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The speed traps can do freeroll splits, but will never be able to do transition ones - they can't distinguish the buggy from the next hill pusher.
i think timers would work if there was a person who would could tell the device when to look and when to not look. the timer minder does not need split second accuracy, it needs someone to tell it to start looking at some point after the lead truck and before the first buggy, They a also need an oops button when that person knows they flubbed it. They could at least get the lead buggy often enough to make it worthwhile. Link a bunch of these via a mesh radio network and you would have a very slick system. I am willing to help. Worst case, we try it and it sucks. best case, buggy gets more geeky. And again, not being able to get the 2nd or 3rd buggy every time is no reason not to have this. The guy in front is likely the one people are the most interested in. (AEpi and the driver's mom aside). Being a zoo alum, perhaps I have gotten used to them not being on camera.

The rotated Jumbotron was the best idea ever. It kept the people in the chute off the street really well. It did screw the pka timers but that is a small price to pay.

I think the dance cam was spontaneous in that prior broadcast. Some kid was dancing, I mentioned it and used it as a way to throw out some of the magical drinking words, someone in the truck added a graphic within a few minutes and created broadcast gold.

I really struggled with the audio this year. For most of the women's prelims, I was talking but it never got on the air. they eventually fixed that, at about the time the chute audio started to work. Then, I was facing about a 2/3 second delay in my headset and a slightly longer one in the chute speakers. It is really hard to talk when faced with that. Try it some time. It is mind destroying. I kept finding myself going slower and slower. Eventually , I moved the ear-cups aside when it was my time to talk and plugged the ear closer to the speakers. This helped a bit. It got much better when the audio feed in the headset quit. Then I used them to block out the sound from the chute speakers. This delay never went away and thus, interacting with the booth was never smooth or easy. Also, I did not have an active back channel so it was hard to coordinate with the gang in the booth. There were many times when i had something to add but had to sit on it waiting for an opening that never came, especially given the delay i n what I was hearing vs what they were saying.

As far as commentary goes. I think we had too many cooks in the kitchen. Less is definitely more. I think Will plus one in the booth and one in the chute is the right mix. The plus 1 can rotate, The guy in the chute can rotate. Like martinis, 4 is too many.
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Re: cmuTV streaming video epic fail

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Assuming they can get the basics right next year, I think between heats, CMUTV should have a sideline reporter and cameraman running around to get interviews with pushers and drivers.
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Re: cmuTV streaming video epic fail

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The jumbotrons and closed circuit CMUTV feed are awesome! Consider ourselves fortunate over the recent years for this coverage.

The real quesiton.. how do we get to the point where we combine that coverage with the awesome level of competition - both # of orgs, # of races as well as sentiments of better performing buggies (so I've seen here)- that was experienced in the 80's-early 90's? New race every 8mins from 8:00 clear through noon with psych songs, replays, profile vids, etc. That would make for an amazing raceday...perhaps one that would attract more attention for local residents, and returning alumni.

Unless the University realizes the benefits the Greek organizations have (or had??) to campus life and we see some revival of the Fraternities, I think you get what Mr. Estes suggested from his perch after SDC's runaway victory - a few well funded student orgs that share all the athletic talent on campus, fewer and fewer races, and eventual obscurity of a once great tradition.

Encourage your organization to compete, help them get there, and ask for help. Perhaps more should watch Tom Wood's 'History of Buggy' talks to see what once was.
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