2017 Races

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Re: 2017 Races

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The prelim trap speeds for the Women's heats

Buggy MPH

Spirit A- 36.1295471
SDC A- 35.78863799
SDC B- 34.97045614
SDC C- 34.7931834
Pika A- 34.6772743
CIA B- 34.07045609
Fringe A- 34.05000155
Fringe C- 33.82500154
Apex C- 30.04091046
Apex B- 29.83636499
Pope on a Rope
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2nd Organization: SigNu
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Real Name: mark estes

Re: 2017 Races

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And the other prelims....pka A was missed, possibly a few others.

Friday Mens
buggy mph
Spirit A 37.22744194
SDC A 37.2069873
SDC B 36.44334747
SDC C 36.12970968
CIA C 35.59107087
Fringe A 35.31834236
Fringe C 35.31152414
Pika B 35.2910695
CIA B 35.13425061
Sig Ep A 35.1274324
SigEp B 34.81379461
Fringe D 34.56833895
Sig Ep C 34.24106473
SDC D 33.84560839
Sigma Nu A 33.76378984
Pika C 33.72288056
Spirit B 33.36151528
Apex A 32.19560089
CIA D 30.62059373
Aoex C 28.29558316
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Re: 2017 Races

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mkaplan wrote: hmmm.... I was a bit drunk when I wrote that, I think that was my insecurity of B teams killing my A team coming out :(
Yeah, drinking heavily is the only thing to do in that situation.
mkaplan wrote:

Now that's an interesting thing to say... Is there some rumor of this year's mechanics that I haven't heard?

No, just that in my day I never did certain things because I thought no sane safety chair would consider them legal, so why try when surely it will be caught? Yet it turns out that I'd been competing against other teams who were exactly those things and getting an advantage from it. On the one hand, it is fair if the safety chair is equally lax, but on the other hand, thanks to secrecy, one team doesn't know what the other teams are getting away with.

To show SDC's domination, the only pushers in the field who could've made SDC A were SigEp's men's 3 and Apex women's 5. A non-SDC all-star team would be 3 seconds behind in men and 4 in women.
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Re: 2017 Races

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Glad to see some great discussion going on!

Just wanted to put it out there, the Operations crew will be having our debrief/post-mortem later this week and I would love to get some feedback on the broadcast and overall running of the races.

What things went well? What things could be better? What should we never ever do again (in your opinion)?
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Re: 2017 Races

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My thoughts on the broadcast:
  1. New camera angle from closer to the starting line is good
  2. The hill 2 camera cuts off lane 1 a lot near the crest of the hill (near 2nd stop sign of hill 2)
  3. Camera near the finish line (not the actual finish line overhead camera) was super shaky and the zoom seemed out of control (I believe this was a camera that was not stationary/mounted)
  4. I like that there was more picture in picture so that we could see both the lead buggy and trailing buggy (or buggies). However, sometimes the picture in picture frame actually blocked something important in the main frame (eg. the lead buggy).
I think some good ideas for how to improve the broadcast further (and overall I do think it has gneerally improved year over year) would be the return of team highlight videos and maybe more interviews with students and alumni, live or recorded (from prior rolls). I understand though that a lot of the live interviews were squeezed out due to the compressed schedule caused by the weather.

On another note, are there plans to cut and upload the Raceday broadcast onto Youtube?
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Re: 2017 Races

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My main suggestion is to add more (read: greater than zero) speakers on the backhills for live broadcast audio. Helpful for the pushers and may encourage more folks to watch a few races from the backhills. There was a speaker down at H3, but I think it must have been driven from the web stream, because if I'm not mistaken it was time-delayed.
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