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  • DangerMike on 2008-Nov-13 16:20:19 DangerMike said

    This buggy has mirrors on both sides. Were they expecting to get passed?
  • abordick on 2008-Nov-14 17:12:36 abordick said

    Not a bad tactic. I think the current rules give the lead buggy the right of way. So if you know you won't win the free roll, you can put King Kongs on hills 1 & 2 and then just block them from passing during the roll, thus nullifying some decent team from moving on. I think we may have done this once or twice to Spirit B with our Pika C, only we beat them on the roll and pinched them near hill 3.
  • aitong on 2008-Nov-14 18:22:26 aitong said

    Here's my question...
    Where was this taken? Is that Hammerschalg behind them?
  • revo on 2008-Nov-15 16:55:41 revo said

    And my question...
    What buggy is cutoff in the back right of the image? The half-sphere/bubble front on derbies. Do we have any other pictures of that?

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