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  • amyr on 2011-Oct-23 20:59:37 amyr said

    DTD buggy, April 1950.
  • . on 2011-Oct-24 09:33:07 . said

    Officially the last time slacks were seen on the course
  • Jerry on 2011-Oct-24 14:20:06 Jerry said

    So not true! CIA Men's D, 2011, pushed in suits.
  • Ben on 2011-Oct-24 17:00:41 Ben said

    And men's D 2010 and men's C 2009
  • Sam Swift on 2011-Oct-24 18:03:06 Sam Swift said

    Thanks AmyR for a great upload, and good timing on the weekend that DTD got back on the course as part of DeltaForce
  • amyr on 2011-Oct-24 21:53:14 amyr said

    Found in my grandparent's home. Buggy runs in my blood!
  • Barrage on 2012-Apr-25 02:31:13 Barrage said

    Y'all might be seeing this old girl back ont he course pretty soon...

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