ATO Andy2 hill2 1963

From the 1964 Thistle yearbook. "I (Joe Pagliaro) am the driver of Andy 2 for ATO. The picture shows Beta's metal buggy (right), Andy 2 (center), and DU's underslung (left). I went over the hill behind DU, when Beta hit me from behind and we both spun out. I had a run off, but lost."


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  • Tim on 2013-Jun-20 01:31:03 Tim said

    The car is a Ford Mustang which wasn't sold until 1965.
  • DeVos on 2013-Jun-20 18:22:18 DeVos said

    The Mustang was introduced as a 1965 model meaning that it was sold in 1964. Wikipedia says that it was introduced at the New York World's Fair on April 17, 1964.

    I remember hearing that Carnival used to be held later in the year (mid-May?) so it is possible (though somewhat unlikely) that a local dealership got an early example and brought it out to stir up interest.

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