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  • TommyK on 2010-Apr-01 22:06:53 TommyK said

    that looks downright comfortable
  • the cook on 2010-Apr-02 11:00:54 the cook said

    It was comfy.
    This buggy remained in rollable condition until about '84. In that year the Panther Hollow bridge on Forbes was demolished, so Forbes had no traffic below Morewood. The buggy was brought out by enebriated brothers, fitted with beer onboard, and the Forbes Avenue Freerolls commenced. Several got their turn until speeds were dialed up, and someone had to turn up the Bereau of Mines driveway and crashed heavily into the front of the building.
  • lemuroid on 2010-Apr-02 15:39:38 lemuroid said

    I rememer the forbes street races. Gomer from beta chewed up several of their old buggies trying to make that turn into the BOM's driveway. I also recall drunkenly rebuilding the bearings for one of those lizzard wheels using a hammer and a handfull of missmatched ball bearings.

    Using lizard in push practice is one of our best-worst ideas.

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