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  • Elmo Zoneball on 2010-May-26 21:23:41 Elmo Zoneball said

    1975 Prelim Heat #1[b]
    This phto is heat #1 on Friday 1975.

    SAE's 2-wheeler "Arnold" leads Sigma Nu "B" (middle lane) and DU's "Capt. America" 2-wheeler. The SAE hill #2 pusher appear to be Mike Snizek. The driver (rider?) was most likely Rod Mach.

    This was listed as SAE's "A" team. It suffered a DNF -- probably a failure to catch the bike at the finish line by the hill #5 pusher, as the bump & run pushing technique was used on all hills with the bike, due to its light weight. The SN entry is listed as their B team, though it looks like a lot like "Hornet." It finished the race at 2:53.5. so I'm pretty sure it wasn't "Hornet," unless they were allowed to use the same buggy for both A and B teams.

    This photo illustrates the advantage of the bike: weighing substantially less than most buggies of the era, it was easier to push, and thus virtually assured of being first over Hill #2 and into free roll, where its terminal speed was typically less than the competitive buggies. Thus, a fast buggy in the same heat would have to pass the bike during free roll, usually down in the chute. Then the push team would chase down the buggy in front of them on the back hills, exploiting the lighter and easier to push 2-wheeler.

    During its era (1960-1976), the SAE bikes were extremely competitive, and often finished in the top 6. Arnold's best performance was a 2nd place finish with a time of 2.25 and change, sometime around 1970.
  • Elmo Zoneball on 2010-May-30 02:17:27 Elmo Zoneball said

    <b>Correction: Heat #6 Friday 1970</b>
    Ooops. post in haste, repent in leisure.

    My original post on this photo is in error. It's actually Prelims 1970 Heat #6. See the 1970 buggy book for details.

    It turns out the same line up of buggies appear together in the same heat in 1975, which is what fooled me.

    The later photo in this sequence shows the finish of this heat. Note the style of clothing of the bystanders -- this was the big clue that it wasn't 1975, but several years earlier.

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