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  • Elmo Zoneball on 2010-May-30 02:27:27 Elmo Zoneball said

    Finish of race shown in photo "Buggy05" -- Heat #6 1970 Prelims
    This is near the end of hill #5 of the 1970 Prelim Heat #6 race that started with SAE, SN, and DU.

    As per the 1970 buggy book that is online here, the DU "Captain America" crashed, and the SN buggy (either "Hornet" or its near twin "Brother Rat") DQ'd for reasons not listed (a failed brake test?). The SAE bike is closing in as the pusher uses the bump 'n' run technique, which was not used on the heavier 4-wheel buggies. The notes in the online Buggy book indicate a 0.6 second differential in the finish times for the SAE and SN entries.

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