Hill 4/5


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  • Phil_Columbus on 2011-Apr-18 18:30:33 Phil_Columbus said

    I believe this is from 1970. The trailing buggy looks like the ATO B which I drove that year. If you look closely, you can see that the pushbar has come lose from the frame. It tilted forward and the pushers couldn't run without kicking the buggy. We still did about 2:46 as I recall.
  • Phil_Columbus on 2011-Apr-20 14:03:53 Phil_Columbus said

    Looking at some of the video files, I think there's some footage of the ATO B buggy overtaking the lead buggy coming out of the chute. However, as the pushbar came loose, we lost speed and just couldn't maintain a lead.
  • Henry Finch on 2016-Apr-16 21:08:08 Henry Finch said

    I'm the hill 5 pusher of the Fringe Baby Leroy trike. It was light and went uphill fast. It did not go down fast however it could cut the bottom corner sharper than the other buggies. The driver weighed 127 pounds starving himself to get out of the draft. I can't remember whether it was 1970 or 71.
  • McCue on 2016-Apr-18 20:43:54 McCue said

    ^^^ That is so amazing, thanks for sharing Henry. That would be straight up terrifying to drive.

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