1973 prelim start MDC, Fringe, Beta

Reproduced courtesy of the Carnegie Mellon University Archives


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  • Carsen Kline on 2008-Nov-11 13:16:02 Carsen Kline said

    Fringe in Lane 2
    That's the Flying Buttress ready to go in Lane 2.
  • aitong on 2008-Nov-12 04:24:59 aitong said

    Any idea of a time period? 60's? 70's?
  • revo on 2008-Nov-12 14:55:37 revo said

    Best guess: 1973
    I believe this is heat 6 of 1973 & the first race for the Flying Buttress.

    With Beta-B in lane 3 (POS?) and an MDC (dorm council) buggy in lane 1.
  • revo on 2008-Nov-12 14:57:48 revo said

    confirmed 1973
    It is heat 6 of 1973.
  • aitong on 2008-Nov-12 18:56:26 aitong said

    Oh wow - how did you figure that out? Do you have a magic 8 ball that answers buggy questions? Ask it why CIA still has dropping pushbars!
  • Robert Davis on 2013-Oct-15 01:21:57 Robert Davis said

    That is either POS or 825 for Beta. The Hill 1 Pusher is Gary Anderson.
  • Farrel Helfer on 2013-Nov-28 16:36:08 Farrel Helfer said

    This is POS.

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