Zoo buggy finish in the 70's

Zoo buggy finish in the 70's Zoo buggy Hornet or Scorpion being pushed by an unknown pusher sometime during the 70's, during heats or finals. Reproduced with permission of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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  • lemuroid on 2008-Nov-08 23:28:20 lemuroid said

    Happy Zoo Finish
    I can't nail the year or even the buggy (hornet or scorpion) but this is pure zoo buggy in the 70s.
  • aitong on 2008-Nov-10 17:31:21 aitong said

    So, is it me, or does it seem unlikely that this pusher crossed the finish line with his hand on the pushbar?
  • lemuroid on 2008-Nov-10 20:29:04 lemuroid said

    Think about it...
    ...this is a Sigma Nu pusher, at his maximum speed, the distance travled (8 feet) likely took 30 or 40 seconds. Plenty of time for him to raise his arms.

    Seriously, I heard no stories of the zoo DQing at the finish line in that era. If he let go just after the nose crossed the line, even a fast pusher would have time to raise his arms.
  • TommyK on 2008-Nov-14 07:03:29 TommyK said

    Clark Kent
    I didn't know Clark Kent (background) went to CMU ... the pusher is doing an angry Sasquatch impression ... 'you stole my victory jerky!!!'
  • abordick on 2008-Nov-14 17:14:57 abordick said

    I'd say this picture was the inspiration for the Geico Caveman advertising campaign. Hill 5. . . so easy a caveman yada, yada.
  • operknockity on 2009-Apr-14 03:15:03 operknockity said

    I started in '76 but don't recognize the pusher or the paint job on the buggy, so this must be from '75 or earlier. And I think the buggy is Hornet.
  • revo on 2009-Apr-14 12:06:18 revo said

    most likely 1974?
    Seeing as we've been told that Hornet won in 1974 with a record time (held for 1 year) this could be from the day1 or day2 heats of '74.

    <a href="http://cmubuggy.org/History/?p=Buggy&id=2070">Hornet</a>
  • revo on 2009-Apr-14 13:10:09 revo said

    1974 day 2
    Looking at it again it seems that is the final heat of day 2 for 1974 with the Zoo participants being Hill 5: Marion Zankowski; Hornet driven by Bob Stevenson

    I say it is day 2 because that looks like PhiKap (2nd place 1974) in the background
    Streak with
    Hill 5 Dan Streyle
    Driver Evan Hutchison

    Since finals were head-to-head the pusher knew he won purely by finishing first thus the Happy Zoo Finish.
  • maz on 2010-Apr-19 20:05:03 maz said

    Zoo first win ever
    The buggy, Hornet; the pusher, Maz (Marion Zankowski); the time 2:20.02
    The Tartan called it a "Darkhorse Victory". Bump and Run technique used on Hill 5 , to beat two time champs PKT soundly.
  • Eric Hawk on 2019-May-24 01:25:05 Eric Hawk said

    And if I'm not mistaken, that airborne spectator guy at the finish line with arms raised high is Sigma Nu's Chuck Campbell. Who would have thought Chuck could jump that high!?!
  • maz on 2019-May-24 17:30:39 maz said

    Eric, never thought I would hear of you again. Chas is bent over (nice plumber pose), pledge Andy jumping.

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