Intrepid v2.1 1975-6

Intrepid v2.1 was simply v2.0 with modest weight reduction modifications, as can be seen in the photo, where lightening holes were cut in the main aluminum structure. the solid axles were also milled out from the original bar stock into an I-beam cross section, and all aluminum parts were polished to a near mirror finish for Design Competition. The wheel covers were no longer used, having appeared only once in race trim in 1974. Original designer/builder of Intrepid, Robert Thomas, is visible in the background left of the photo, leaning against the wall. Submitted by Douglas Harrigan SAE '79


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  • TommyK on 2009-Sep-18 17:40:03 TommyK said

    Any idea how much the different incarnations weighed?
  • Elmo Zoneball on 2009-Sep-29 04:26:14 Elmo Zoneball said

    Working backwards, v.2.1 was about 60 lbs full up, including standard SBD wheels/tires (no modifications). (If my recollection is correct, stock Derby wheels/tires were about 5 lbs each -- especially after bearing sleeves and bearings are added -- so the buggy w/o wheels was somewhere around 40 lbs.)

    I'm guessing that v2.0 (before all the lightening holes were cut in the frame, and the axles milled, was probably 5-10 lbs heavier.

    I'd have to check to see if anyone knows what the weight was on the original v.1.0 incarnation of Intrepid was.....

    It's safe to say that while Intrepid was never one of the lightest buggies of its era, there were many competitors that were heavier.

    The successor to Intrepid v 2.1 was The Hustler, and was significantly lighter -- that was its main design objective, in fact. The other objective to building The Hustler was to have two reasonably modern 4 wheelers, so that Arnold and the other "bike" could be retired permanently, as they were no longer competitive, as race-winning free roll times dropped dramatically (about 10%) over the course of the '70s.
  • Elmo Zoneball on 2009-Sep-29 16:50:33 Elmo Zoneball said

    More on weight
    According Robert Thomas, Jr., the designer of Intrepid, the original configuration (v.1.0) weighed in at about 70 lbs w/ standard SBD wheels/tires.

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