fringe 5

Submitted by Rick Holt (Fringe 1967-1972)


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  • lemuroid on 2010-Sep-28 22:51:50 lemuroid said

    could that be...
    captain america in the far lane?
  • Elmo Zoneball on 2010-Oct-04 01:46:50 Elmo Zoneball said

    Definitely DU's Capt. America in the far lane. Note the retractable "landing gear" that permitted it to be pushed up hill as a 4-wheeler -- thus avoiding the instability that plagued 2 wheelers while being pushed -- but which was retracted during FR portion of the race so it rolled as a two wheeler.

    Near lane is one of the SAE "bikes" -- appears to be the one that was called "Purple" (IOW, it's not "Arnold" --which had a fiberglas body contour molded platform for the driver to lie on. "Purple" had a flat pad the driver's body rests on, and in this photo, the molded platform is NOT visible.)

    Middle lane is a SN buggy (see the letters on the pusher's shirt.) Can't identify the buggy, but assume it's either "Hornet" or "Brother Rat."

    Best guess is 1970 or 1971.

  • Elmo Zoneball on 2010-Oct-04 02:01:11 Elmo Zoneball said

    1970 Prelims, Heat #6
    same heat as this photo

    <a href="">Same heat</a>

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