Submitted by Rick Holt (Fringe 1967-1972)


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  • Phil_Columbus on 2011-Apr-18 13:12:33 Phil_Columbus said

    I believe this is the ATO Goose in 1971. I was the driver.
  • Phil_Columbus on 2011-Apr-20 13:57:45 Phil_Columbus said

    If I am not mistaken, the pusher is John Wehner who was a sophmore in 1971. If you look closely, you'll see the white sleeve and gold stars we wore on our green ATO jersey. I think PIKA's buggy was in Lane 1.
  • Rich Genszler on 2019-Apr-10 01:28:30 Rich Genszler said

    Definitely looks like the ATO Golden Goose, which I worked on and painted until graduation in 1969 - I do not know the paint scheme of 1971, but Phil Columbus would.

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