KDR 1987

picture from Anton Ogno via Nik Bonaddio. The photo is from 1987, and features the Men's A and Men's B buggy teams, as well as the drivers and the buggies themselves. Pictured:

A-Team (right side, left to right)
John Frost (hill 1), Stu Vernon (2), Marc Phillips (3), Dan Dunbrack (4), Anton Ogno (5)
Brenda Lappa (driver)

B-Team (left side, left to right)
Ken Nash (hill 5), Dan Galvin (4), Darin Mar (3), Brett Bosley (2), Doug Armstrong (1)
Laura Lemay (driver)


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  • McCue on 2009-Dec-17 19:41:12 McCue said

    Guessing leftmost buggy is Renaissance. Rightmost buggy is Phoenix.
  • ericmorton on 2013-Apr-21 19:40:07 ericmorton said

    Just a correction on the A-team buggy driver's name: Brenda Raich. Yes, leftmost buggy is Renaissance and rightmost is Phoenix.
  • McCue on 2013-Apr-22 03:21:24 McCue said

    Haha, thanks for clearing that up 4 years later.

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