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  • colugodriver on 2009-Apr-10 21:08:51 colugodriver said

  • colugodriver on 2009-Apr-10 21:22:40 colugodriver said

    Oops...1988...notice the snow in the background!
  • hvincent on 2009-Apr-11 01:19:59 hvincent said

    My roommate (who is not affiliated with buggy besides the fact that she's roomed with a buggy chair twice now) demands to know why there aren't other clear buggies.

    If I ever built a buggy, I'd make it clear, too. And I'd make sure the driver liked to wear ridiculous shit.
  • Carl Nott on 2009-Apr-11 13:39:54 Carl Nott said

    I always wanted to build a Haraka-type buggy with a clear shell. Then I saw this buggy and I was like 'well, it would look exactly like that one' so I went back to my plan of building a shell out of double-stick duct tape. Which is how we got Kingpin.

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