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Colugo - SN Colugo


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  • Sam Swift on 2008-Oct-22 01:13:22 Sam Swift said

    which buggy?
    Sorry to be ignorant, but which buggy in this picture is Colugo?
  • the cook on 2008-Oct-25 16:36:06 the cook said

    on your right
    Colugo is the black one (as is somewhat the custom at the Zoo), being pushed by The Doctor (Facely) Dave Bechtel. Some thought Richards for Beta would smoke the Doctor but Doc prevailed and Beta never got close. This was the last finals heat in 1985, one heat after PiKA A had multiple mechanical failures up the front hills and smashed into the curb below Hill 2. So the heat was for all the marbles. Zoo covered Beta by 6 seconds in this heat to win.
  • lemuroid on 2008-Oct-26 20:07:41 lemuroid said

    black buggies and Doc Facely.
    If you are ever in doubt, the zoo buggy would be the black one. Black has been a tradition at the zoo since the late 70s... (Lemur's metalic grey and black in 1982 the rare exception).

    I believe that Doc holds the record for hill one at 14.2 sec. He set it (per WRCT) in this drag race between 1st and 4th from the preliminaries that settled buggy 1985 (PiKA having had a pushbar failure in a prior finals heat)
  • the historian pope on 2016-Apr-21 23:55:19 the historian pope said

    And lastly, this is buggy built in 84, winning in 85 with a time under 2:10. It has about 90% of the structural elements made from Aluminum. Also well under 50 lbs.

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