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  • Jerry on 2012-Apr-02 02:37:25 Jerry said

    What do CIA in 1998 and CIA in 2012 have in common?

    Black buggies with white spots.

    (Orca's got about 300 fewer rivets than Stealth, to be fair)
  • DangerMike on 2012-Apr-25 04:17:46 DangerMike said

    The Stealth team in 1998 was made up of a bunch of guys from one of the dorms. Mudge I think. The deal they made with Aiton was that they would push & drive if they could paint naked ladies on the buggy. Aiton, thinking that the paint thing would never happen, accepted. Ed, the driver, would hit on other drivers on hill 2 during freerolls. He also weighed about 150lbs, which put the buggy/driver combo around 200lbs. They styled themselves as the "bad boys" of buggy, but at dawn nobody cares how "bad" you are.

    When raceday came, the leader of the Stealth team (Shane?) came to collect his debt. He had a stencil of a mud-flap girl, which he painted onto Stealth's shell several times. Some of the CIA full-timers didn't appreciate the sexist look and demanded that it be repainted or they wouldn't run Conquest. Like Solomon himself, Aiton passed judgement and painted over the ladies with cow spots. Both teams ran and CIA lived to fight another day.

    What's Orca's story?
  • aitong on 2012-Apr-25 13:33:52 aitong said

    Actually, there is even more to the story of stealth, revealed by the single blue spot...

    I have no memory of the night before prelims, because as a good buggy chair I had been up for something like 48 hours straight trying to cram buggy and classes into the time before carnival. It's entirely possible I gave permission to paint the buggy with mud-flap girls - it's also possible I declared myself pope and started making papal decrees. Anyways, the mechanics discovered the mud-flap girl paint job when they showed up to prep stealth for prelims, and decided to repaint the buggy a sky blue without consulting me. The stealth team showed up and was unhappy about the decision to repaint, where "unhappy" is defined as "threatening not to race". As Mike said, I handled the situation with a calm and solomon like wisdom - where " calm and solomon like wisdom " is defined as me saying "fuck it - I'm here to race - you guys figure this out on your own". The stealth team had a meeting, and then stole stealth - so for about an hour I had no idea where one of my buggies was. They came back about an hour later with a stealth painted as a cow - they purposely left the blue spot uncovered. Somehow this was a "fuck you" to the mechanics. I think I won the record that year for "Chairman to get drunk the quickest after the org's final heat".

    Actual conversation from the follow truck during stealths roll :
    Saftey Chair : is the paint on stealth running?
    Me : <looks at stealth, see's paint obvious paint steaks > If I answer "No", will you stop asking questions about it?
    Saftey Chair : yes
    Me : No
  • Carl Nott on 2012-Apr-25 16:34:34 Carl Nott said

    You totally lost me when you said something about 'classes'.

    My memories of the days before races in '98 are pretty hazy. I went to the buggy room on Wednesday before design, helped paint all the buggies, realized it was a few hours before design, took the buggies to design, presented (98% sure I didn't change or shower, which may have impacted our score for design comp), took the buggies back to Spirit House, did an emergency run to Penske to pick up a truck because my credit card was declined, worked on buggies, went to hype session, at some point I joined some of the Spirit team members in getting our heads shaved, worked on buggies, went to prelims, took the buggies back to Spirit house, dropped the truck off, went to chairmans, went to Jerry's to tell him our women's team was DQ'd because our women's push captain had a transition violation on hill 4 (which could not be seen on tape, of course), slept on his couch for a few hours, went back to the buggy room and worked on buggies, went to races, went home and saw the wife for the first time since Wednesday (she was surprised at my shaved head, also somewhat worried that I was dead), slept, almost decided to skip awards to sleep more, went to awards, went to PHI where I broke down and cried because it was over.
  • Carsen on 2012-Apr-26 02:24:11 Carsen said

    Raceday '98 was full of good times. Seeing Carl and Abby drinking Mickey's and spray painting the buggies the night before design. Being told by a design comp judge, "It's a race." Making sure Brooklyn had a fresh rubber band in its steering. Prepping the buggies overnight, occasionally stepping outside the buggy room to find that Stealth was being painted. Again. Loaning Carl our tire pump because his was worn out. Getting back a worn-out tire pump. Learning what it means to win from the man who said it best: "I'm gonna go home and fuck my wife!"
  • hvincent on 2012-Apr-26 20:01:19 hvincent said

    how do you guys remember that much about raceday at all? my only memories are the ones backed up by photographic evidence. such as putting a spirit of buggy trophy down my pants.
  • TommyK on 2012-Apr-27 00:31:39 TommyK said

    Add some rainbow colored drinks and that wonderful musky odor coming from the layers of beer, slush and bodily fluids on the floor of PHI and it feels like so many carnivals on this thread ... I remember exactly 1 minute of 2001 raceday
  • Jmohin on 2012-Apr-27 01:28:55 Jmohin said

    So accurate... how do ya'll remember these things? After a (*legal*) drug-enhanced 40ish hours of no sleep trying to build 'Cuda and writing a 12page color brochure about how awesome it was for the design comp judges, I barely made it through flagging without passing out. Cut to immediately after raceday, two fifths of goldschalger and champagne out of a 3rd place design trophy basically made me the biggest mess in history. Many photos of me blacked out on the floor of my room in various poses that are super flattering. huzzah.
  • Carl Nott on 2012-Apr-27 02:46:45 Carl Nott said

    Well, I was married in '98, so I couldn't get too crazy.

    I dimly recall '97 though since after we swept I got borderline hypothermia from standing around in the rain and then demonstrated to our alumni my abilities as a practical mechanic by fabricating an... intoxication facilitator... out of random odds and ends in the buggy room and proceeded to do some significant damage to my short term memory.
  • aitong on 2012-Apr-27 11:11:36 aitong said

    I have only 2 memories for the 24 hours following our last prelim heat in 98. The first is from 30 seconds after our last heat of me filling a 20 oz moutain dew bottle with about 10 oz of vodka, and keeping it that way for 24 hours. Things get a little blurry after that.

    The second memory is getting back to my room on friday, and getting a call from a recruiter - I asked how they got my resume, and they said they had it on file from when I submitted it the previous year. "Really?" I said. "You guys actually keep resumes on file? I thought those letters were a polite way of saying 'go fuck yourself'".

    I had to be filled in on the rest by friends and the Tartan. Apparently I was the only one to show up from CIA for awards, and we won the first spirit of buggy award. Something else which I had completely forgotten until now - 98 was the year they tried separating buggy and booth awards ceremonies, so our awards ceremony was held on the CFA lawn around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Anyways, CIA wins the award, and after some difficulty getting on stage, apparently I was very witty. I apologized for my stealth team not being present, but they were still pushing stealth up hill 4. I also won a shirt and announced "I DON'T HAVE TO DO LAUNDRY FOR A WEEK". I then proceed to shove the award down my pants.

    Yeah, 98 was special.
  • TommyK on 2012-Apr-27 20:23:35 TommyK said

    i miss you so much aiton
  • TommyK on 2012-Apr-27 20:24:47 TommyK said

    hey look - they've finally discovered and mainstreamed a catchphrase for all the frat guys at CMU I ever met: http://andrewsullivan.thedailybeast.com/2012/04/brogramming.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+andrewsullivan%2FrApM+%28The+Daily+Dish%29
  • elawson on 2012-Apr-29 15:26:51 elawson said

    Fact of the day: The cover picture on the facebook page for brogramming is a former Sigep A hill 1. You, TommyK, are phenomenally correct.


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