A year or so ago, some CIA alum emailed me something along the lines of 'I have some old photos that have never been scanned. Do you want them?'

I just found them today while getting ready to move out of my apartment. I think they're from design comp and rolls of 1990.


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  • Jerry on 2012-Apr-06 00:30:29 Jerry said

    Does anyone out there know what CIA buggy this is? As far as I can figure, it has to either be Interceptor, or #9/Defiant with a different shell and rear axle than in this picture:
  • Shafeeq on 2012-Apr-06 06:04:24 Shafeeq said

    #9/Defiant with a different windshield. The rear axle went through several configurations, none of which were great at keeping the buggy right side up.
  • Bill on 2013-Apr-21 01:04:22 Bill said

    This is Defiant before the new paint job, so I guess she was technically still #9 (though some called her BART because they thought she looked like a Bay Area Rail Transit car). The pusher looks like Paul Massey, but I am not sure.
  • Anon on 2013-Apr-21 07:18:46 Anon said

    Looks like CIA was way ahead in the "rolling on tiny skate wheels" trend
  • Bill on 2013-Apr-23 05:07:03 Bill said

    those aren't skate wheels. same tech as the other CIA buggies of the time, just smaller wheels.
  • shafeeq on 2013-Apr-23 14:21:46 shafeeq said

    Heh, those are the same size as what most teams are using now, but the buggy and pusher are huge in comparison.

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