Chimera - PiKA



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  • Carl Nott on 2008-Oct-16 23:09:15 Carl Nott said

    Focus is all screwed up. You can barely identify the alumni in the background.
  • abordick on 2008-Oct-23 17:21:00 abordick said

    . . .and it's not matte black, it's semi-gloss!
  • adamhaag on 2008-Oct-24 19:04:04 adamhaag said

    for all of the newcomers to this site... this is the fastest buggy in history. definately sexier than its fringe counterparts, too.
  • McCue on 2008-Oct-28 02:04:09 McCue said

    Haha you admitted it had Fringe counterparts.
  • mldarm on 2008-Dec-16 18:14:14 mldarm said

    I can actually identify myself- I'm the one on crutches, although you can barely tell.

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