CIA's Freyja ('10)


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  • McCue on 2010-Mar-17 04:44:08 McCue said

    I love this buggy.

    (But you might want to get those wheels pointed in the same direction)
  • pdesiderio on 2010-Mar-17 18:13:09 pdesiderio said

    I am super psyched to get our baby out this weekend, thanks to the alumns who helped out and thanks to V for the photos.
  • abordick on 2010-Mar-17 20:34:35 abordick said

    And by thanking your alumni, you mean that they encouraged you and brought you donuts, right?
    (see Buggy Bylaws below)

    Each buggy shall have been designed and constructed by full-time, Activities Fee paying, undergraduate
    or graduate students of Carnegie Mellon University. These students shall also have been members of the
    buggy’s sponsoring organization at the time that they designed and constructed the buggy. Last semester
    seniors shall be considered to be full-time students.
  • DeVos on 2010-Mar-18 01:40:06 DeVos said

    I believe the thanks goes out to the alums that encouraged us and also kicked in some money so we could afford to build it out of something other than plywood.

    So far no alum has sent donuts but if you wanted to volunteer bordick, I think we'd accept them.
  • pdesiderio on 2010-Mar-18 02:11:47 pdesiderio said

    yeah like devos has said this wouldnt have happened with out alumni cash, after all CMU is more than a little stingy.

    And for the record CIA does every thing in house, unlike some orgs.

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