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  • lemuroid on 2011-Mar-21 18:17:01 lemuroid said

    I hope that hatch and hatch attachment is sturdy, it appears (at least form these photos) to be the only crash protection in front of the drivers head.
  • DeVos on 2011-Mar-21 23:37:30 DeVos said

    This seems to be a reoccurring theme: <a href="http://cmubuggy.org/forum/v/2009-2010/SpringRolls-March28/DSC_3409.JPG.html">Borealis</a>

    If anything NBXI looks to have moved the hatch further back.
  • blue on 2011-Mar-22 00:03:05 blue said

    It is a big hatch, and I think it may indeed be farther back than Borealis, but that's most likely because I've got overly long arms, and keep asking for obnoxiously huge (but so awesome!) windshields...in case yall don't believe me, just look at how long <a href="http://cmubuggy.org/forum/v/2008-2009/Finals/women/DSC_0209.JPG.html">Bedlam</a> is.
  • lemuroid on 2011-Mar-22 22:48:35 lemuroid said

    those design inputs (big windshield and long arms) do not appear to be mutually exclusive from the goal of protecting a driver's head, yet your head is in front of the solid part of the buggy shell.
  • Jerry on 2011-Mar-23 19:10:35 Jerry said

    It's okay, their structural shoeboxes will protect the driver.

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