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  • McCue on 2011-Mar-27 00:25:28 McCue said

    I don't think that word means what you think it means. cf "Banzai."
  • jixson on 2011-Mar-27 00:35:25 jixson said

    No, we're referring to the trees
  • McCue on 2011-Mar-28 01:35:42 McCue said

    The tree is seldom yelled.
  • lemuroid on 2011-Mar-28 01:37:06 lemuroid said

    good thing
    "Banzai" was a sluggish SDC buggy built in ~86.

  • jixson on 2011-Mar-28 02:22:11 jixson said

    At 3am, I thought exclamations points were a good idea
  • blue on 2011-Mar-28 08:01:19 blue said

    lol I gotta say: at 4am, they're still pretty good :P

    ...now for some sleeeeep...

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