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  • lemuroid on 2011-Apr-20 14:53:23 lemuroid said

    loving the color coordination between the tires and the paintjob.
  • The Zoo on 2011-Apr-20 15:52:18 The Zoo said

    I always thought that was the proper way to select wheels
  • Zatchmo on 2011-Apr-20 16:48:21 Zatchmo said

    As much as I would rather make fun, this was a pretty awesome looking display. The wheels just add that level of artistic polish.
  • Carl Nott on 2011-Apr-20 16:53:13 Carl Nott said

    Fucking urethane dyes, how do they work?
  • jess thurston on 2011-Apr-21 03:27:07 jess thurston said

    no one can ever touch the creativity of these paint jobs... love it!

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