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  • shafeeq on 2011-Apr-20 20:05:52 shafeeq said

    Wow, where did they find a genie to drive the blue one?
  • DeVos on 2011-Apr-20 22:57:39 DeVos said

    With Bane now added to the lineup, was I the only one who got a bit of "Taste the Rainbow" vibe at design comp?
  • TommyK on 2011-Apr-21 00:56:08 TommyK said

    The red ones cause cancer
  • blue on 2011-Apr-21 00:56:13 blue said

    Wait, I thought that was the point of their whole setup. Otherwise, what's the point of a <strike>blue water bottle as Strife</strike>-sorry totally normal buggy named Strife being there as well?
  • blue on 2011-Apr-21 00:56:47 blue said

    argh the strikethough text didnt work...anyone know how to do that here btw?

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