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  • jixson on 2011-Sep-25 00:24:55 jixson said

    If they're trying to throw brake flags, they're doing it wrong
  • blue on 2011-Sep-25 00:34:56 blue said

    or you didnt realize that one end of the stick has (usually double-sided) stop flags, and the other end has regular 'go here' flags...
  • Jerry on 2011-Sep-25 12:02:40 Jerry said

    Yep, that's our stop flag. As far as I can tell, CIA is the only team with double-sided flags, every other org has double-ended flags. Ours are metal, the rest are cloth. Makes it easier to switch from "go" to "stop".
  • jixson on 2011-Sep-26 00:47:06 jixson said

    oh yeah duh, retract previous statement, this is why they don't let me flag

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