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  • JakeReid on 2011-Oct-10 04:19:36 JakeReid said

    Yup, we've got the orange wheels out again. I like them because they're orange.
  • jixson on 2011-Oct-11 16:48:23 jixson said

    I think this orange has got you beat:
  • JakeReid on 2011-Oct-11 18:13:34 JakeReid said

    I can't tell if KDR's were oranger or if they just look that way against the bluer buggy
  • Jerry on 2011-Oct-12 02:09:55 Jerry said

    I think KDR's were "orange" and these are "red-orange", if you want to split hairs ;)

    Also, the amount that Ascension ended up looking like Polaris never ceases to amuse me. We just need some flagrant orange wheels and a tail-reduction (plus a really weirdly cut windshield) and they're indistinguishable.

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