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  • DeVos on 2011-Oct-10 01:24:29 DeVos said

    So, is that the new nose inlet for the jet engine?
  • DeVos on 2011-Oct-10 15:32:19 DeVos said

    After a bit more gallery checking, I realize that Seraph has always had the nose inlet and I just never noticed it. Oops.
  • mark estes on 2011-Oct-10 21:42:22 mark estes said

    I think this was their solution to a nose that did not pass rule 6.7 (interesting how no units of measure are included)

    No buggy may have any type of protrusion (such as a sharp and/or pointed structure) extending from that buggy which could increase the likelihood of injury to the driver of another buggy in the event of an accident. The nose/tail of a buggy should be parabolic and not come to a point. If it were a curve, the derivative of any point on that curve should be defined across the whole length. This prohibits nose and tails that come to a point in three or two dimensions (i.e. a true point or an edge.) An allowed exception to this would be flat or cut-off tails, though the flat face must form an angle between 45 and 90 degrees to the ground. The minimum radius of curvature permitted for any nose or tail is .75. Final discretion as to what might be considered overly pointy is up to the discretion of the Safety Chairman.
  • jixson on 2011-Oct-11 13:39:50 jixson said

    I love how phrases like "overly pointy" are in the bylaws
  • Carl Nott on 2011-Oct-11 22:31:28 Carl Nott said

    Yeah, violation of the pointy rule. They once had a foam rubber ball that they crammed in but it may have melted when they spray-painted at her and folks forgot about replacing it.
  • mark estes on 2011-Oct-12 01:17:35 mark estes said

    Derby also has a similar pointy nose rule for the ultimate speed cars. There the diameter must be at least 2 inches. Various interpretations of this caused a bit of pre-race chaos this year and resulted in some hasty body work for a few cars. Our black nose on the 905 car in 2009 (orange in 2010) was a result of a late bit of body work to hit the 2 inch mark.

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